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15th December 2013

Photoset with 4 notes

mg 1/100 tallgeese

fun build but posing that buster cannon is impossible when its attached to the shoulder

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1st December 2013

Photoset with 9 notes

1/100 mg jesta 

this kit was a fun build I did have a “aftermarket” red LED so it works you just need to be careful with it

i would highly recommend this kit to anyone who does not have it

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20th October 2013


NG 1/100 gold frame had a few issues but still good

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19th October 2013

Photoset with 2 notes

MG 1/100 strike E (nior) iwsp.   this kit was so hard to pose without an action  base i gave up trying to take picks of it with out it and took ALL the pics with an action base

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14th October 2013

Photoset with 1 note

mg marasai looks like im on a UC roll here 

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13th October 2013

Photoset with 3 notes

mg NEMO I was looking at my kits and figured I could take some pictures of one

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6th October 2013

Photoset with 3 notes

my collection as of 10-6-13 let me know if there is anything you want to see or ask about

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30th September 2013

Photoset with 5 notes

wip gundam 00 seven sword custom

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18th August 2013



help i need to know if there is ANY bonding agent the will work on resin

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11th August 2013

Photoset with 8 notes

1/100 mg turn A gundam

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